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May 15, 2008

well we made it to san francisco. i graduated college (!) on sunday, packed my shit up on monday, drove down on tuesday and arrived on wednesday. needless to say, it’s been quite a full week. im sad to have left portland, but incredibly excited to start a new chapter of my life! the book is closed (or open, depending how you look at it) and the first few pages have been pretty interesting so far. it’s hot as hell here, nico says its the hottest weather hes felt here in years, everyone’s inside because it’s too hot. the city usually doesnt get like this…but…i mean i dont want to blame global warming, but….

anyways, im uploading photos from the road. highlights included:

- alamo ripping us off $25 for prepaid gas. bullshit! then they gave us credit for it because we’re NOT SUCKERS! haHA
- seeing the year my parents went on vacation at the oldest theater in ashland, oregon
- almost stopping at “sleepy hollow” pet cemetary near redding, california
- CRATER LAKE holy crap so sweet!!! wizard island!!!
- hearing usher’s love in the club more than 6 times
- homemade enchiladas with nico’s mom when we got home. a perfect ending

here’s some visual cues to help you remember:

fake wizard island

real wizard island

fake wizard

real wizard


passover in reno: part one
happy thanksgiving!
sunday sunday sunday!
mirror images


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