great looks for spring

September 11, 2008

it’s that time of year again folks. the boss is in new york at market looking at all the new fun spring stuff….and we’re stuck here looking at it on whatEVER it LOOKS GOOD FROM HERE!!! my favorite looks so far…..

hanii y

chris benz (love the 2tone!)

thakoon (long & flowy! halston-like, me likey!)

ports 1961 (seeing lots of these flappy fringe things, nice)

derek lam (so nude, so 90s!)

ohne titel (that green is KILLING me!!)

so far it’s all about muted & pastel hues, NO MORE NEON even though i love colors..they’ll be back. now it’s all about nudes nudes nudes!!! but not these kind:

although they’re cool……


the spacecraft has landed
solstice party pics!
the great outdoors
armonica harmonica


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