capital PP

March 28, 2009

pp arnold is great. she’s a beautiful, belting gospel singer from la who toured and worked with some of the biggest names from the 60s and 70s. a former ikette (tina turner anyone?), she moved to the uk when she was 20, where she toured with the stones. mick jagger hooked her up with a record deal, she had some radio hits and ended up touring with the kinks, the who, the small faces, david bowie, and jimi hendrix. drooling!!! she even worked with andy and barry gibb (of the famed and my favorite BEE GEES!) on a few songs. later in the 70s she was in this crazy musical called catch my soul. she’s like the underground, boy’s best friend, not-totally-fucking-insane version of tina. check her out:

with tina:


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