new york, open your eyes to me

April 26, 2009

i’m going to new york on thursday to visit a good friend of mine from high school, olivia! i’ve been trying to find some good shows and openings to go to, to get the real “new york experience” (what’s new york without a night that starts at a gallery opening??).

the image above is from an exhibit at the met about pictures postcards. gotta see that.

and MUST go to the costume institute to see this:

and to the american folk art museum for henry darger:

and contemporary african american quilts:

i also found some things on artslant that look interesting:

rosemarie fiore, who uses fireworks to make her most recent paintings (like cai guo-qiang!) is having a panel discussion about her work/technique on the 29th. too bad i won’t be there until the 30th. here’s some images of her recent and past works with fireworks, waffle irons, pinball machines….

“personal abstraction” is opening at brooklyn’s hjkb, looks interesting, with works by these guys:

shawn kuruneru

benjamin king

denise kupferschmidt

anyone have suggestions???


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