copenhagen vs vienna

May 25, 2009

so stupidly i missed my flight to spain this morning…ugh. long long day searching out new flights and throwing money i don’t have out the window. but that’s traveling, right??

flying to malaga via london tomorrow…but wanted to backtrack and throw you some bones about the euro style i’ve been experiencing here……

my notes on copenhagen:

(oh yeah, fitting right in)

- thrift store anything
- leather jacket
- jumpsuits/one pieces
- drop crotches + harem pants (billowier the better)
- 90s grunge (doc martens, liberty florals, ripped tights, flannels)
- long long hair
- ray bans + leather satchels
- oversized tops & tanks
- gladiators
- fringe
- shredded tights + shredded jeans
- cut off shorts for guys
- sequins
- fur
- looking long and lean and beautiful
- layers and effortlessness

danes of all ages were looking quite fashionable–from young young kids to lots of older women who had a really cool, really eclectic style. one lady wore purple tights and a cropped leopard top and no pants! lots of stores for kids and babies with trendy clothes. at first i thought everyone was super cool and fashionable…then i realized it’s kind of just trendy to have certain things and thats what they all wear. although the style is cool, sometimes the trends got repetitive. no hate on copenhagen, they are all still really really creative and forward, even the teenagers that seemed to fall into the h&m trap quite easily. the local designers had some good shit going on, like h.u.g.s by vonryba (amazing jackets) and thrift stores like the red cross and other imported trendy vintage clothing stores make quirky 80s and 90s kitsch readily available to accessorize with. definitely noticed the penchant for COLOR, maybe it’s just the neon trend? but it abounded! very very nice change from munich!

my notes on vienna:

(hahahah dread wigs!)

- assymetry
- european “sophisticated” flair
- tote bags
- semi-bowl cuts for girls and boys–long/shaggy on top, cropped at the neck
- lots of short hair in general! yes!!
- guys in bermuda shorts (and shorter!)
- again the 90s
- variations on keds/oxfords–purple, patent, canvas, pointy, etc etc
- lots of flats for girls!
- eyeliner + lips
- summery dresses and glad. sandals
- pastels
- leopard!
- sandals for guys (love this!)
- bowlers
- polos!
- huge sweaters

i was really impressed by vienna. i think i could see myself living here–really laid back and cool people within a very urban environment that somehow maintains this very european style and sophistication. the fashion seemed refined, although not polished, everyone i met had a great personal style without being overly trendy or excessively sloppy. it definitely wasn’t as in-you-face as copenhagen was about fashion, which was nice. people just did their own thing without having to be a certain way, it was very relaxed. an art academy party proved sufficient scoping ground for wiener men, who, in the hot weather, opted for shorts, man sandals and perfectly pressed longsleeve button downs. seal of approval applies. girls preferred oversized tunics, flats and sandals, or graphic dresses and layers of jackets and cool totes. lots of black and greys, some fun pops of colors and red. the teenagers love h&m!!!
(PS hi + danke! to christian, marten, maraike, bernd, dalia, katja, matthias, & friends! and im sorry i probably spelled all those names wrong)


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  1. trigg and trig. on May 27, 2009 at 12:01 am

    dude thanks for the around the work fashion updates.I MISS i’m back to vancouver next month… come visit?

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