munich summertime

May 25, 2009

the weather has been great here, so instead of lamenting my missed flight i enjoyed the 80 degree sunshine and the biergarten. kevin came in from stuttgart and we went to the deutsches museum today, the technical museum with real airplanes, boats, and other incredible technology! our good friend frederick djed at the rote sonne on saturday with congorock and sonido del principe. so we danced over there after dinner in glockenbachviertel and a bier on the isar. frederick’s brother chris made some hypie hypie t-shirts and scarves for the party and michi and i jammed the night away with our scarves to the duunduunduunduun of milanese & dutch house/techno/cumbia/ghettorave/dance music.

the next morning (5pm…) we bbqed at michi & mona’s and chatted about shit accident stories, the wonders of couchsurfing and getting pulled over in bavaria. im so happy to be able to enjoy munich with friends!!! it’s not half that bad when you are around amazing people!


im on the marrakech express
taco night!
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