May 6, 2009

ok, can we please take a moment of silence for how freaking AMAZING new york is????

thank you.

olivia showed me a great time in her fine fine city, in between sleeping and working at fancy schmancy corton. when olivia and i are together we confirm each other’s predictions of one day being rich and famous. or just rich. whatever! we’re talented and we’re beautiful, so why the fuck not???

miss eve and miss olivia

olivia thrashing at barcade

this trip was also a great transition into my whole overseas journey alone. slowly learning it’s not that bad to eat alone, walk alone, shop alone. i love being alone because of the anonymity, but in a big city like that it makes me anxious. that said, you can meet the weirdest and most interesting people just sitting on the train or at the cafe by yourself. just buying a cupcake can be an adventure.

me myself and i


sexy ck

throngs at the moma

i spent friday and saturday walking and museuming and walked and walked and walked and walked– my legs are still sore. moma was too packed for free fridays so i enjoyed the folk art museum next door, far less busy! yes! then to the icp for the fashion exhibit, then back to the apartment and out again.

saturday was lunch at the neue galerie then walked up madison ave. from riches to rags to the studio museum in harlem–great walk, long walk. harlem is a trip, i should have bought some obama tshirts and incense. train back to the west village for shopping and strolling behind philip crangi; pizza in little italy then DANCING at the buraka som sistema show at the bowery ballroom. fabulous!!! then danced and danced some more with olivia at nublu, then ate a ton of freaking junk food in the back of a cab back to brooklyn. it was a good night.


(just for you fashion bloggers out there, this would be: vintage sonia rykiel cardigan over another neal sperling cardigan, forever 21 maria cornejo knockoff tank, $9 snakeskin leggings from urban, my grandmother’s scarf, a single gecko w/sunglasses earring, vintage canvas drawstring backpack, and olivia’s borrowed michael kors heels. wait ummm psyche! olivia wore those all night, i put them on for the photo, looks good ehhh?)

sunday we woke up at 2 (embarassing!) stopped at dean and deluca for a new york style feast, and went to the new museum before it closed. amaying show of mostly 20-something artists, made us think we could really do it! we at dinner at momofuku, “the most talked-about new restaurant this year,” according to the ny times’ frank bruni, and also the hardest to get into. but we looked so good with our umbrellas and olivias stretch adidas pants that they sat us immediately.

monday i beared the elements–pouring rain, 2 trains and a packed south-brooklyn bus–to jfk and hopped my flight to prague and a tiny transfer plane over patchwork farmland to munich. my german bff tasja picked me up, went to class, and i wandered the city sooo fricking jet lagged because i locked myself out of the flat without keys OR money. smart!

i went to bed at 8 and im fresh as a flower and ready to explore my former hometown. so weird to be back here…germans are a mystery to me.


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