catalan paradise!

June 29, 2009

the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain.

overnight train from malaga to stay with couchsurfer martí and his flatmates. so generous, so welcoming, such a great family that kept me busy busy busy and going and going all over the costa brava for two days…and an absolutely necessary and worth-it 3 day extension! xavi, shanti, martí, girma, & ramon– i miss you! can’t stop thinking about my catalan paradise! more photos here

day 1: bicycle tour and walking the walls of medieval girona; lentil and pa amb tomàquet lunch; evening swim in banyoles estany (not a lake!)

day 2: snorkeling off the rocky coast; throwing myself off of a 25ft rock into the turquoise mediterannean!!! (SO proud!!!); beach boys cruise back to girona; picking up berkeley melissa, another couchsurfer; eating anchovies-in-olives and olives-with-anchovies while watching sunset firecracker war in l’escala; delicious rainbow coca cake for san joan followed by midnight swims under fireworks at an all-night ska beach party….topped with neon sherbet sunrise….

day 3: french toast brunch and youtube party; nap; giant tasty sandwiches and music festival in banyoles; late-night girona stroll and epic discussions of fairy tales, languages, and how to escape earthquakes

day 4: veggie/vegan brunch feast at the cafe next to shanti’s flat; aborting beach plans for rainy mountain plans; mini-lake full of mini-tadpoles and mini-frogs; skipping stones to barcelona-based rhythms; palotes!; hot chocolate, honey-roasted peanuts, and stroll through drizzly stone besalú (location for the perfume!); back to banyoles for more music fest; patatas bravas and tuna sandwich in girona; yet another epic discussion of grandparents, the world, the wars, our lives, and our futures; trying unsuccessfully to watch ryanair planes land; bidding adieu to new berkel friend melissa

day 5: the end of the line! INCREDIBLE drive to the coast; waiting out the rain at cap de creus; stunning stumble down to a small bay for snorkeling (so many sea urchins!!!) and post-swim cheesecake; MINDBLOWING muted beach colors/shapes/textures/patterns of all proportions!!! exploring chic cadaques; bob dylan drive back to shanti’s for roy’s special chinese dinner and sea-urchin-spine-from-toe-removal; goodbyes and an early morning ryanair flight that i should have never taken!!!!!!!!!!!! hasta luego!!!!!


im a barbie girl least we can have a good...
au revoir agnes b. (and merci!...
get me high!

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3 Responses to catalan paradise!

  1. The Introitus on June 29, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    becca, these pictures are amazing!!!!

  2. trigg and trig. on June 29, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    photos are unreal! so that actually a baby frog?

  3. lone traveler | BIG THINGS on August 24, 2011 at 1:17 am

    [...] much rather travel alone! here are some photos from my solo trips to morocco, turkey, greece, spain… would you/do you guys travel [...]

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