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June 21, 2009

ok fuck im back in spain. after lots of debating and hoping and researching and vascillating, ive decided to go home to take care of some business–sell some unneeded sections of my wardrobe(BIG YARD SALE COMING SOON!!!) and maybe my car (1972 forest green mercedes, any buyers?) and save some money to come back to morocco in the fall. im going to try and legitimately teach english and learn the languagessss and weave some freaking carpets! hell yeah! im so excited and although its not the romantic vision i had of just saying fuck you to the west and having one long skirt and scarves and just living in the woods, i think its the right decision.

that means, IM COMING HOME BITCHES!!!! ill see you all soon, ill be in new york on july 7th for a few days and then nico and i will be driving to see caitlin on the island and south south south to the carolinas and georgia to see lovely dorothy and morad. im so excited for that and to see my grandmother and family in chicago and to be back in san francisco to see your lovely faces. lets have a fiesta!

today i missed my train to barcelona due to an incompentent and tardy baggage handler, so im in malaga about to max and relax topless on the beach before my night train. i guess it didnt turn out so bad after all, eh?

a few more from morocco, god i miss it already!!!

Photo 533

Photo 534

Photo 623

Photo 828

Photo 1115

Photo 875

Photo 1892

Photo 755


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