…at least we can have a good time

July 6, 2009

it’s been thunderstorming in munich for the past week! three storms today alone! what is going on? is this summer? spent a lot of time inside, sleeping, relaxing, preparing for my trip back to new york, lazy museum visits and eating a lot of chocolate and ice cream with the help of kevin and tasja….

but we didn’t let the rain get us too down. spent a lot of time “auf’s land” in the bavarian countryside. andi took us sailing and swimming at the ammersee…we powered through pre-alp downpours and treaded the path of the blue rider german expressionists (my favorite!) in kochel, walchensee, murnau…late-night weekend camping festival/raveparty on a farm near weilheim (notwist ‘s hometown!) thrown by the rote sonne, the gruene sonne!

tonight we met all the germans–michi & mona, frederik & christopher, tasja & kevin + me for ethiopian feast and goodbye ice cream (triple scoops all around!) ill miss you guys!!!

wow, it’s been a good week and an even better two-month trip. is it really over?

i leave this morning back to new york to start a new adventure with a new/old friend, nico. ich freue mich!!!

cheers to all of the new friends i have made, the old friends i’ve seen, the meals i’ve shared, the loneliness, exhilaration, frustration, love, awe, and every other feeling in between that i have experienced in the past brain-rattling eight weeks of my life. thanks to everyone who made it happen, from couchsurfers to merchants to busdrivers—-every minisecond is a memory!

martí in girona told me this upon my departure, which is maybe my new mantra: “i’m sorry that we couldn’t help you decide what to do in your life, but at least we can have a good time!”

thanks, martí. i had a great time! now for the future………………….



augie turns two!
shuck it all

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  1. trigg and trig. on July 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    ommmg your hair is so LONG.that second photo is beautiful!i love living through your travels

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