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July 23, 2009

america the beautiful!

nico and i crashed at dirty deb’s killer pad in brooklyn for a week and a half when we weren’t beachside in martha’s vineyard. she outfitted me with a new haircut and dyed me back to black, which is a miracle because i was looking a little gypsy-like with my faded out dpt frosted tips. thanks D!!! what’s cool about debra is that she is (self-proclaimed) “always down” for anything…ANYTHING, and we had a great time in her presence.

walked chinatown and the lower east side and the villages (east and west) and lots of brooklyn, which we concluded is pretty, preeettyyy prettyyy good. new york is always so inspiring, the energy is unbeatable and the pizza–the PIZZA! no, just the food in general is stupefying!!! i’m still full from the past 3 weeks. vanessa’s dumpings, papaya dog, two boots pizza, franny’s pizza, super taste noodles YUMMMMMM!!!

friends always make things better: caught the midnight showing of bruno with phil & erin at the brooklyn academy of music; quick pierogis and chocolate in brooklyn with bff and budding foodie, olivia; magnolia cupcakes with sf-to-new-york-transplant-stylist ewa; DEEP FRIED OREOS with wild wild weston, photographer extraordinaire; and gruyere grilled cheeses at wilfie and nell with soon-to-be doctor (not the medical kind) natalie.

SERIOUSLY THE MOST EPIC CONVERSATION OF ALL TIME with weston on a rooftop about ruling the world and looting…what would YOU do!!??!????

saw lots of great art, shitty art, life as art…etc etc at museums and galleries and just on the STREET MAN!!!!

***DISCLAIMER due to camera complications so much of this went undocumented! thanks to all of our friends who made this trip so happenin’ and sorry we can’t reward you with some photos for your facebook page. next time, come see us in sf!


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  1. Deb on October 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    NYC = best people watching in the world. even the muggers and pick pockets are amazing.

    i watched a stylin pick pocket in action. he was totally indie with a purposefully deconstructed tshirt that was reconstructed with safety pins to match the ones in his eyebrows.

    pick pocket snatches a business man’s wallet. pick pocket gets away by jumping up onto the hood of a car and running over the hoods of all of the other cars in the mega traffic jam.

    unforgettable times square moment.

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