disco in the woods

August 4, 2009

i’ve been traveling a lot lately, down from new york, all over the south, and im finally back in chicago at my mom’s place relaxing with my grandmother and enjoying what seems to be the mildest summer in chicago’s history! that includes a stop at the museum of contemporary art, which currently has a terribly installed version of olafur eliasson’s “take your time” show (in comparison to the sfmoma…which was integrated quite brilliantly)

there’s also a small collection of photographs arranged in a show called “elements of photography,” including a two works by photographer adam ekberg. his video “disco ball in the woods” caught my eye.

by isolating highly specific moments in time and space, ekburg makes you feel like the lone viewer of a seemingly pointless, mundane, and often fleeting event, usually involving natural elements–fire, air, light, water. the moments are silent and beautiful, implying the before and after in a cloud of mystery, which adds a supernatural quality to each image.

on his website, he describes the function of his images as “traces of a presence.”

if you’re in chicago, check it out! show is up through october 4th.


make the maker
buns in the oven
thanks for coming!!

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