au revoir agnes b. (and merci!)

September 28, 2009

agnes b. on grant street is closing–15 years! an institution for classic french everything! SO SAD! i stopped by during lunch, just in time for a mad rush of japanese tourists and passersby scrounging for 80% deals on anything left they could get their hands on…

i befriended an old italian lady who said she had been shopping there for years and was sad to see the place go; the poor shopgirl who was stuck rushing around refolding, rehanging, and attempting to keep order in the mayhem, pointed out a few buried treasures; and the guy in line behind me called every one of his friends trying to find out their shoe size after purchasing the entire men’s shoe department the night before.

i escaped (barely) with several scores, including:

- 1 pair sparkly silver trousers
- 1 clown-inspired polka dot tunic with flower trim
- 1 pair amazing white slouchy stacked-heel boots
- 2 red swimsuits (1 scandalous, 1 tie-dyed)
- 3 hats (1 fur, one scrunchy comme des garcons-esque straw, 1 peach felt)
- 3 art books (1 on window dressing, 2 on artists)

total: $250, tax included!

unfortunately i had to pass up the cream leather western jacket with friiiinge all down the sleeves and back and chest….not necessary but there’s something to be said about a $450 from $2250 price tag….fuck.


is that chambray?

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  1. trigg and trig. on September 30, 2009 at 3:27 am

    damnnnn!!why why why did I not go in there!!i had no idea it was closing… i thought it was just like ya %80 off the 5 items on the back rack.damn.

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