tonga! tonga!

September 10, 2009

there was a great forum show on npr today about landmarks and what should be considered and given landmark status. the case in point was the tonga room, a notoriously kitchy tiki bar in the fairmont hotel here in san francisco. not only do they serve enormous umbrella-clad tropical cocktails around a floating music stage, but it actually rains inside the bar! their website calls it “a tropical and festive atmosphere” — fantastic!

it’s existence is threatened by a condo construction and the public was invited to call/email in with memories and comments on the future/past of the bar. some great memories of prom in the bar, its history as a swimming pool, etc.

we had planned to go there for my birthday but it never panned out…now we have to make it before it’s gone! long live the tiki!

images via darkforeigner & kevin kidney


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