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November 12, 2009

leanne tagged me in this “what’s in your bag” thingy, so now i get to bore you with what’s in my boring bag. no makeup, no hair products, nothing fashiony or fun or quirky. just lame work stuff that isn’t heavy on my sweaty back when i bike back and forth to work. enjoy!

- 1 pen
- 1 burt’s bees chapstick (wow)
- 1 computer charger plug
- 1 camera & case
- 1 computer in a ghetto ass case: bubblewrap manila folder! that’s embarrassing…
- 3 copies of “the beat within,” a weekly publication with art and writing from prisoners in california
- my lunch bag tote that i made four years ago (appliqued with a pair of panties)
- my phone
- aisha’s digits on a post it
- shabby marc by marc wallet
- tupperware from today’s lunch (quinoa, chard, raddichio & broccoli!)
- my keys w/library card & scottie dog keychain made by my dad in his high school shop class
- sunglasses from painted bird
- earplugs from the guardian goldies party
- grandma’s old scarf

the bag itself is an old tweed 70s samsonite travel bag. i had two and a matching suit case but nico trashed the first one and i think the case is in chicago in my basement somewhere……i need an adult bag.

ohhhh yeah now let’s see what’s in the bags of badlooking and sixsixsick!


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  1. trigg and trig. on November 12, 2009 at 9:24 am

    genius ghetto laptop case!!so jealous that you actually need to carry sunglasses with you at this time of year. pfft canada.

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