40 years of torn dresses, hits of acid, and the beach!

December 7, 2009

so ive been interning in the art department at the sf bay guardian for the past few months. a few weeks ago, i was helping out at their goldies party, thrown for winners of awards given yearly to outstanding members of the sf arts community. i was honored to be briefly introduced to a few members of the cockettes, still as flamboyant as ever, if not slightly older…

which reminded me of this documentary i’d loved a few years ago about their whacked out theater group in the 70s from san francisco. i checked the dvd out of the library and enjoyed the history of the rise and fall of the most tripped-out-acid-freak-hippie-commune-dwelling-theater-monsters of the early 70s san francisco scene.

tahara at the art institute of san francisco by annie leibovitz

sylvester by clay geerdes

john waters, andy warhol, diana vreeland, truman capote–all these huge names were enthralled by these weirdos straight off of haight street….as am i! the sf moma even celebrated their 40 year anniversary on thursday with a SOLD OUT showing of three of the cockettes films!

the glitter, the queens, the drawn-on eyebrows, the freedom, the sex, the drugs, the showtunes, the feathers, the stockings, the thrifting, the unemployment….it was all so glamorous and inspirational (minus the aids, drug overdoses, poverty, etc etc etc….)

wow, san francisco was sooooo much cooler back then!!! can we bring this back, please???

images via queer cultural center and noehill


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