December 27, 2009

back in november, lisa and i went to see a free library screening of between the folds, a documentary about paper folding that i missed at the sf documentary fest. AMAZING film if you like paper (and folding it!) about contemporary folders pushing the envelope (ha) with tehcnology and seeing how far you can go with a single sheet of uncut paper.

afterwards we went on an origami kick, lisa making hundreds of tiny origami christmas ornaments for our tree. one great folder who wasn’t in the film (so many weren’t included…) was eric gjerde, who’s got an incredible collection of images of his work on his flickr photostream. they’re so beautiful!!! thats a lot of folding and a lot of math that i’m not about to get into….i’ll stick to paper hats and animals.


blowin in the wind
cy kwan do
berlin landscapes
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