homage to summer: chicago

December 22, 2009

after recounting most of my summer adventures, i realized that i forgot to mention my return to chicago! since i’m back here watching the snow fall on the lake, i figured this would be a nice little photographic getaway…

…back to the time when i was up on my the roof of my dad’s building in the middle of the night, post-lakeside-bbq, with nothing but my grandma’s old cotton dress, a radio, derek, nathan & friends…

(i don’t know them)

…or who can forget gallavanting around the city, eating peanut-butter klondike bars, seeing free fireworks, “the bean” and crashing a quadcycle with meagan chan in front of the field museum….

plus: the beach, the zoo, the PIZZA!!!


how did i not think of this?
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  1. Anonymous on December 28, 2009 at 4:34 am

    yr grandma!!!

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