ich liebe l'aviva

December 14, 2009

just came across this great online store–actually, a self-proclaimed, “series of curated online trunk shows”–called l’aviva. i found it while searching for some images of morocco, and came across these wedding blankets that i totally would have brought back…if i wanted to carry a bunch of giants blankets on my back…

besides the moroccan blankets, she has beautiful, rustic, simple, handmade household treasures from all around the world. current trunk shows include “textile” (embroidered mexican blankets, turkish hammam towels, indigo throws…) and “object” (horn candleholders, bolivian wooden bowls, etc.) a new show, “dowry” should be opening soon. looking forward to more inspiration from these great examples of handmade folk craft!

the styling is so minimal, i love it. really shows off the texture, colors, designs of the pieces so well!!!


thanks for coming!!
portland, here we come!
World Party Day in San Francis...

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