worth about a million bucks

December 23, 2009

my dad got me tickets to see million dollar quartet at the apollo theater last night. so rad! the show’s about a night in december 1956, where elvis, johnny cash, carl perkins, and jerry lee lewis all happened to be at the sun records studios at the same time and spontaneously recorded a jam session. the fathers of rock & roll!!! all in one room together!!!

the show was great, although the audience was a bit old (whatev, it’s their generation) which wouldn’t have mattered, except that i wanted to dance the whole time and everyone was kind of just stiffly clapping. they really try to rile people up at the end, which worked, and eventually it was all just shake, baby, shake!

how cool is jerry lee lewis? too bad he got shafted for marrying his cousin and for all that tax evasion.

i also realized that me and jerry and elvis all have the same haircut. i should totally start slicking it back and carrying a comb in my back pocket.

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