movie madness

January 26, 2010

oh my god im swimming in movies right now. like i mentioned earlier, jaws was the beginning of my attempt to view all the classics that i’m embarrassed to have never seen. here are some of the most recent. any suggestions??

La Strada, 1954
Watch it if you like: The Circus! Fellini; exploiting the poor and naive; BIG eyes and goofy faces; having a purpose in the world; buskers

Rosemary’s Baby, 1968
Watch it if you like: THE DEVIL! Eccentric old people; hot young Mia Farrow; Pixie haircuts by Vidal Sassoon; selfish husbands; Witches

La Vie En Rose, 2007
Watch it if you like: Edith Piaf; singing!; French accents; romance, depression, addiction, and loss

Chinatown, 1974
Watch it if you like: Capers; Hot young Jack Nicholson; Hot young Faye Dunaway; The LA water crisis; P.I.s


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  1. Dorothy on January 29, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    shit, la vie en rose was so fucking difficult to watch. edith piaf had the hardest life ever.

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