my soul mate

January 29, 2010

how have i never realized how fucking rad zandra rhodes is???? i spent a good couple of hours at the library looking at some very inspirational “library use only” books, including one called the art of zandra rhodes. here are some of my favorite pages…i asked my mom for the book for my birthday so maybe i’ll get to post more photos soon. :)

the best part about her work is her appreciation of other cultures (mexico, the american desert, native americans, japan, spain other native cultures….) and her thoughtful interpretation of motifs and colors and styles from each. it reminded of my sketchbook from morocco! really makes me want to live somewhere hot so i can just wear giant painted kaftans all the time.

GOD the colors and textiles are PERFECT!!!! plus now she’s like 60-something and has HOT pink hair. i want to be her.


this is how i will learn españ...
press time!

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