January 11, 2010

lisa and i decided to spend our early sunday afternoon at flora grubb gardens, a nursery/home and garden store south of the city in the bayview area. i had heard of it before and trina suggested i go check it out…but i didnt realize how magical it really is!

we wandered around the garden, exploring little surprise pockets of perfectly “overgrown” abandoned cars, bicycles; awww-ing at the abundant selection of pudgy succulents and spiky air plants; amazed and inspired by the creativity behind each arrangement and gathering of plants and pots.

there’s a ritual coffee inside so you can grab a cup and a pastry and just relax on the terrace surrounded by tall, bushy bamboo and hanging wall gardens.

if you’re in san francisco and you even remotely enjoy plants, you must stop by. it’s an oasis, a dream come true for gardeners, and just a nice quiet place to spend a sunday. you might even come home with a little tillandsia of your own! we did!


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  1. Sarah D on January 11, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Yessss succulents have been my favorite thing about living here!!!! i have a budding succulent garden from clippings from friends-respite with some air plants. I want to go to this place!

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