you’re gonna need a bigger boat

January 19, 2010

last night i made chili + cornbread + apple pie for some friends and followed it up with a viewing of JAWS! i’m on a kick of checking classic movies out of the library that i’ve never seen, so this was the first installment. got me thinking about the beauty of sharks and their unfortunate reputation…the movie sure doesn’t help that! here are some intense images of the poor sharkies who couldn’t get away- terrible isn’t it! no wonder our oceans are fished dry! at least they weren’t blown up with an oxygen tank! oops, did i spoil it?

HELP SAVE SHARKS! don’t forget to visit the ReefQuest Center for Shark Research to learn more about shark biology and how to help aid shark conservation.

images via divesafer, antique fishing reels, and loc


new york, open your eyes to me
sock hop
quite animated
portland, here we come!

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