scenes from ny: la fine

February 19, 2010

now it’s just a dream. on my last morning we locked the keys and all of my stuff in the apartment and my flight was in the afternoon. we didn’t even know the name of the lady who owned the place because we were renting from her subletter! luckily i ended up sneaking back into the building as the mailman exited and the neighbor let me go through her place to the fire escape. i managed to open our window, (which thank GOD sheri didn’t lock!) and climbed through the nasty dust. i win!!!

the scene outside the phillip lim show was wild. bloggers and photographers everywhere. lots of cool outfits, including our favorite furry man!!! there’s the guy from swagger 360 with sartorialist, scott, lurking behind him. i wore trina’s great grandma’s fox fur (gorgeous. thanks trin!), which got a lot of attention; + the vest i bought at the fleamarket, the skulls from mexico that moni got me for my bday (!!!), random other necklaces from morocco, my chloe boots, my mom’s old tshirt, and my acne jeans. some japanese lady took my photo and said i looked “very san francisco.” is that a compliment???

the show itself was exquisite–you all know how much i love the 70s, and he did a great blend of glammy disco punk, all sequins and shearlings, giant plaids, billowing hair and chiffon trails, ambers & royal purples & camels. the music was great too, unh unh unh heavy bass and clompy wispy girls strutting down the runway. what a show! the bryant park tents are waaaay different than the quiet minimalism of zero’s art gallery show or alex wang’s trendy, exclusive pier production. it’s a zillion cameras pointed at zillion people and a zillion ushers trying to put everyone in their place. there’s bryanboy and artist anh duong!

other highlights include:
- a slippery valentine’s promenade through central park
- stepping into grand central + the library to enjoy the views
- brunch at egg in williamsburg (biscuits + gravy + grits YUM +you can draw on the tables!)
- FUCK YEAH i brought back a dozen bagels from ess-a-bagel that made all my clothes smell like onions.
- vanessa’s dumplings! momofuku ramen + compost cookies!
- inspiration from everyone and everything, including but not limited to the old lady on the subway putting her gloves on at the same time as me; the news showroom, maryam nassir zadeh, inven.tory, opening ceremony, the acne store, muji, uniqlo; tracks in the snow; all the fashion freaks all over the city; the african lady selling hats on the corner; brave parents raising brave kids in the city; the same brave kids taking the subway alone; asa ransom; tino sehgal; friendly recommendations and directions; the gay dude making the displays at the thrift store; the man on the subway telling his friend that anything is possible, all you have to do is try.

see you soon, new york!


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  1. dorothy on February 19, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    have you noticed how the sartorialist doesn't have a neck?

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