scenes from ny: part 2

February 15, 2010

more more more! woah, yesterday was quite chilly. the wind really get through every layer! olivia & i started the day with a nice eggy + toasty breakfast cooked with love by johnny (as seen above). we walked a couple of blocks over to the brooklyn flea, the flea market that’s held in the old williamsburgh savings bank for the winter season. we munched fish tacos from choncho’s (def. not as good as sweet home california, but good enough for ny) and i scored an incredible multi-colored tapestry vest for 5 bones. it was so refreshing to see all the heavy winter gear- boots, vintage flannels and nubby knits and blankets. it’s such a different kind of aesthetic out here- harder, meatier, much more serious than out in california. it feels so good to see that after being on the west coast for so long!

the bank building itself is quite a sight. built in 1929, it’s got that deco feeling but still classic tilework (blue/gold mosaic ceiling!), an incredibly massive vault door (the food vendors are in the basement), and beautiful ironwork on the enormous windows.

then i changed and headed to the alexander wang show……oh em gee. i arrived in a rush, trying to get there on time to shoot some photos outside the show, and was immediately stopped by none other than sartorialist’s girlfriend and fashion blogger, garance dore! she took my photo (was incredibly sweet) and then a slew of other photographers requested shots of my outfit. i was wearing some awesome beaded neon yellow earrings that lisa made me (thanks l!), a vintage headscarf, tracy’s amazingly warm parka that she let me borrow (thanks t!), and orange lipstick that moni gave me for my bday (thanks m!).

it was a good outfit (might i say so myself) and i was so flattered and kind of embarassed to have so many cameras pointed at me. but it was fun and the whole scene at that show was kind of outrageous–nina garcia shoved past me to get in the door, i saw bill callahan & suzy menkes scoot in the back door, anna wintour & grace coddington sitting front row across from me, susie bubble having her photo taken outside, etc etc etc. it was my first show here and quite a good one to have scored a ticket to! (thanks sheri & trina!)

then i cabbed it (soooo coooooollldddddddd!!!) over to the guggenheim to check out the tino sehgal show that nico has been working on. i won’t say anything but GO SEE IT, if you’re in new york it cannot be missed. it was life changing….just amazing what his work can do for your mind and spirit and view of the world. i cried!!! it was one of the best experiences i’ve ever had but i won’t tell you anything about it. JUST GO!!!!

nico and i shared a lovely late dinner at a place in the lower east side that johnny recommended, sorella. incredible meyer lemon italian soda, lots of hazelnuts, fancy cheese, delicious anchovies and battered semonlina and……the mighty mighty bosstones???? someone desperately needs to update their ipod!!! I <3 NY!!!!!


im blushing
knock me out
it&#039;s that good
road warrior

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  1. The Introitus on February 15, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    can we see a picture of your outfit? my imagination isn't working on this one :)

  2. heatherjocross on February 18, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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  3. heatherjocross on February 19, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Our link has changed! View the details here: :)

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