scenes from ny: the china issue

February 17, 2010

gung hay fat choy! happy chinese new year! year of the tiger— RAWR!! we waded ankle-deep through post-parade confettied and trashed chinatown for a crowded crispy fish dinner at new green bo on bayard. there’s nothing i love more than confetti, and as the street sweepers came to clean it up, it got all tangled in the wheels and made a glittery, colorful mess. it was like futilely trying to destroy pure happiness!

after elbowing through a crowd just to get our name on the list at the restaurant, we tried our best to avoid chinese collisions and crammed into the tiny entrance with 20 other drooling patrons waiting to be seated. waiters shuttled stacks of steamers packed with dumplings to tables of people so close together their chopstick elbows keep bumping the person next to them. and the lady at the door keeps yelling out JOE! JOE! JOE! whose party is just trying to psyche themselves up for the marathon dim sum to come.

the food was good and not overly greasy and just chinese enough. i ate with my hands and sucked all the fish meat off the bones. and as if we didn’t eat enough mock duck and garlic eggplant, i added to the disaster by shoveling down a cup of “zen butter” (sesame/peanut butter) ice cream outside without gloves on and had painful, guilty fingers on the trainride back to brooklyn. thanks to meagan chan for textommending the chinatown ice cream factory, right across the street. yeah, my ass thanks you too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! i could post photos of confetti for days….


happy anniversary nico
wi fi sci fi
prepare to be hypnotized
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2 Responses to scenes from ny: the china issue

  1. meagan chan! on February 19, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    youre welcome for the textomendation! i do have to say that i was quite jealous after seeing all your pictures (especially of the food and of olivia). i understand your excitement for confetti all too well! (look at all the bubble tea containers in the trash can! haha)p.s. i went way back to your summer posts because i secretly (well, not so secretly anymore) enjoy reading your blog and i saw our pics from the quadcycle accident and jumping! im glad you didnt post up THAT one lol

  2. sprinkle me!!! | BIG THINGS on August 25, 2011 at 2:28 am

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