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February 13, 2010

ok i’m sorry i haven’t been blogging lately….so busy! it was my birthday next week so i’ll post photos of that soon, but i’m in new york right now for work. I LOVE NEW YORK it’s such great energy and amazing people watching and awwwwesome foooooood!!! i should just move here. wtf!?

so i came in wednesday night and olivia and johnny whisked me away to an incredible 10-course tasting menu dinner at degustation, an incredible restaurant where their friend is now sous chef. ummm monkfish liver, baby cuttlefish in oatmeal risotto, various sardines, and the best freaking brioche breadpudding thing soaked in cream and carmelized via blowtorch to crispy, chewy perfection. OMG!


muffin from blue sky bakery in brooklyn!!! YUMMM

barney’s warehouse sale!!! scored an awesome vena cava dress

view from time warner center where olivia works!!! per se, baby!

last night i met up with ewa and we went to the rag & bone party at provocateur. again, great people watching, omg! we made some friends and rubbed elbows with editors, models, and jaded fashion people. i wore my chris benz hot pink blazer and jen’s top and got a lot of compliments- thanks people! our favorite pair was this couple making out the whooooole night. had to get a photo of them in the background :) today’s the alex wang show…..celeb sightings coming soon!


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