cute things in my house right now

March 2, 2010

our broken toaster; airplants from flora grubb; the flower moni put on my birthday present; glasses made by arlan.

mexican basket that we mounted over the mantle! complete with origami friends (+/- googly eyes); giant pinecones; a whisky glass full of rainbow colored lollipops; a shell full of feathers, seedpods, and dried plants; origami ornament garland, made with lots of love by lisa; my pinata self-portrait.

the pitcher plant dorothy gave me for my birthday!!! i have since moved it into the bathroom to start our bathroom jungle…

cupcake; cupcake; cupcake. cute and delicious made by tracy for my birthday! there was still one left when i came back from new york and i ate it right when i walked in the door from the airport. it was still good after a whole week! :) ew?

ginger man


blowin in the wind
big in japan
old ass flowers
bojagi bash!

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One Response to cute things in my house right now

  1. Landof1000Dresses on March 3, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Those cupcakes are soooo cute! Definitely not ew, I was still working on that cake and whipped cream we had a week later!

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