holy of holies

April 28, 2010

have you guys seen holy mountain? i watched it once before and was quite intrigued but confused. this time around i paid attention for as long as i could and was still unable to decipher the barrage of symbols and signs. visually very very stimulating (lots of pattern, repetition, multiplicity, psychedelic scenes and colors) and the scale of the production seems huge…but if you’re looking for a nice, narrative film to relax to, this isn’t it. highlights include frogs in costumes, butt-print art, rainbow caverns, and an incredible sense of colors.


in the white house
HUGE cupcake
NYC: The Place to BE?!

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  1. J. Parker on May 9, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Lovely post from a great blog! I looked this movie up and loved it, the visuals were amazing.I'm following this now and added a link on the art-blog I'm a part of.Hopefully you'll stop by and check us out sometime.

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