“our lives are our art”

May 15, 2010

TRISTAN came to visit last weekend from portland- what a treat! we met when i was just 17, home for the summer working at the bourgeois pig cafe, listening to neutral milk hotel tapes in the kitchen. since then we’ve had the pleasure of each other’s company in chicago, portland, and now san francisco! up in portland, tristan stays busy with various projects, including working at the sapphire hotel and making cameo appearances in viral typeface/lady gaga videos. besides having the rare talent of being able to make everyone laugh, he also consistently maintains a genuine, friendly, disposition and a general love and passion for life and all of its curiosities. he always reminds me to be proud of what i’ve done, what i’m doing, and what i’m going to do next. i can’t remember a better weekend i’ve had dancing, singing, exploring, pondering life, riding bikes all over the city….

WE WENT TO: OCEAN BEACH! humphry slocombe! midnight dolores park playground! clement st.! my backyard/kitchen/room to dance! midnight bernal hill! boogaloos brunch! slow club brunch! the knockout! the homestead! alex lukas‘ opening at guerrero gallery! the beach chalet! the wiggle to golden gate park! the free produce stand!

WE ATE: mint milanos! ice cream! bao! dumplings! genki crepes! mahi mahi sandwich! trail mix! steel cut oats! egg and cheese sandwich! biscuit w/jam! asparagus fritatta! lemon corncakes! peanuts! salad! fava bean puree on toast! IT’S ITS! chicken wings! hella pretzels!

WE MADE: MOVES! music! videos! an incredible fort! photobooth memories! FRIENDS!

tristan even got to staple a dollar to a guy at the knockout! woah. all of this to the soundtrack of…the beastie boys! saves the day! ludacris! the fruit bats! neil young! GIRLS! the smith westerns! the cure! the spin doctors!!!! the dream! cat stevens!

COME BACK SOON, FRIEND! we have so much life left to live!


ON time, etc.
boa boa boa boa boa

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2 Responses to “our lives are our art”

  1. Tristan on May 17, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    My heart just sank. That is one of the most beautiful odes to friendship I have ever seen, read, or heard! Thank you for showing me how simple everything really can be! You are soooo special to me!! NOW LETS SHOW EM HOW WE DO!!!!

  2. Lisa on May 18, 2010 at 3:04 am

    We look like we're having so much fun! Oh wait, we're having SO MUCH FUN!Tristan, we miss you!

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