May 22, 2010

teresa breezed into my life three months ago, a friend of friends from vienna looking for a couch to stay on for a week while she looked for a place. luckily, john offered up his spare room downstairs and so our friendship was born! in the three months her visa allowed her here, we danced like crazy at the knockout, got out to the beach, up to twin peaks, to various openings, thrift stores, and rode bikes all around the city searching for fun and food and happiness!

she accompanied me to reno together for passover with my family and we took these photos in an anonymous patch of hills in the high desert behind a suburban development. consistently mistaken for each other or for sisters (it’s the hair), in the photos we play both ourselves and each other. who is who?

ich liebe dich, teresa! cant wait to see you soon in wien!


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One Response to TWINS!

  1. Teresa on May 29, 2010 at 3:10 am

    Heyyyyy Rebecca,THANK YOU for your warm welcome and for letting me stay with you in the first place!I’m so happy to got the chance to get to know you! Rebecca is an amazing person, highly creative very generous, with a good spirit and the ability to look at things as at was for the first time. She is always willing to push forward to get the most out of life!But also has a great sense of how to get along with people!I had such a good time in San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!But San Francisco wouldn’t have been the same without you!!!THANK YOU for your openness, good spirit, kindness, generosity&& THANKS for indroducing me to all of your friends, new places,new food, taking me to yoga classes and sharing your thougths, clothes, books, movies, food and life for the last three months with me, THANK YOU! It was so fun dancing our asses of all night long, abusing the photobooth and crashing at humphrey slowcombe’s a million times.I hope I can give you some of that back when you come to Vienna!Can’t wait to see you!Love, Teresa

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