June 5, 2010

the latest idea i have and want to share with you all are my CELEBRATION ROOMS! both public and private spaces will be transformed into spaces in which everyone, friends and strangers, are invited to celebrate. celebrate what, you may ask? why, whatever you wish to celebrate! the day! success! a reunion! a birthday! a good mood! life, in general!

i find the concept of celebrating so fascinating. we all choose to do it differently depending on the mood, event, location, etc., but i think that our celebrating is too confined within certain spaces, certain time frames, certain social boundaries. with my CELEBRATION ROOMS i invite everyone to celebrate without prejudice in a space where everyone is included, invited, loved, and encouraged to share that feeling with others! i want everyone to feel that they SHOULD celebrate, CAN celebrate, and NEED to celebrate, no matter what/where/when/with whom we are celebrating! it’s a place for people to come together, in both the construction and execution of the celebration. this is a CELEBRATION REVOLUTION and YOU’RE INVITED!

nico and i built CELEBRATION ROOM #1 in his room in new york. the ingredients were simple (paper, balloons, tape, ribbons, street disco ball!) and so was the execution. we celebrated each other, our time together and the inauguration of CELEBRATION ROOMS! please enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more international ROOMS!


is that chambray?
sex sells
i wish i wish i wish

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One Response to CELEBRATION ROOM #1

  1. Tristan on June 9, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    I will join your army if you will join mine!!!! WE NEED MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YOU!!!!

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