vienna (before sunrise)

June 22, 2010

from brief berlin i was tossed unknowingly into a tornado of dancing and carousing in vienna. a 10 hour train ride from berlin, i was lucky to find myself a spot in the only air conditioned car speeding through a rebuilt dresden; along the northern czech republic’s cliff-lined rivers; in and out of prague’s gothic sprawl, austrian countryside and steaming into vienna around 10. (un?) fortunately i did not meet a 1995 ethan hawke on the train and i exited on my own accord. i was exhausted (funny how just sitting is often more tiring than actually moving) and smelly but seeing teresa on her home turf got all me riled up. i changed into “party mode” and crammed my bags into a locker in the praterstern station. we navigated through the prater, vienna’s inner-city amusement park, high on our reunion, the neon lights, the rides’ pounding electro punctuated by rounds of screams from swirling teenagers.

at the pratersauna, an old sauna/swimming pool/venue in the park, we met mario and other friends for a Vice-sponsored fashion party (two Vice parties in one trip? ew!). lots of lookers (vienna is great for that!) and fashion-types lounging on the grass around a pool with projected slideshows of local fashion photographers and designers played on a loop in the background. a photo booth!!! around 2 the real music finally kicked in and we cut rugs HARD until the sun came up. we took the subway home with the work-bound and two poor stragglers still wearing togas………………………..


san foodcisco!

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