vienna (the rest)

June 29, 2010

……… after staying up all night we headed up to mario’s roof for breakfast! but our mini-nap up above bienna’s steeples and red rooftops was cut short by an increasingly burning sun, so we crashed in mario’s room and woke again around 1, just in time for the flea market. biked back to teresa’s, packed swimming kits for the donau, met mario but could barely stand the heat radiating off the old lamps, carpets, piles of tools, ripped canvases, knick knacks, books, and gypsies. most vendors were packing up so we hopped on bikes and rode to the river, stopping at a jolly little hat store on the way. now shaded and looking pretty cool in our (handmade!!!) hats, we made it to the donau for a dip before an intense thunderstorm ravaged the whole city, tearing down trees and scaffolding!

that night we went out dancing again, this time happening upon one of “london’s hottest djs,” benji b, of deviation fame. unfortunately for him (and awesome for our dance moves) there weren’t too many people there and we heard that the woman putting on the show cried because it was so expensive to have him there and barely anyone showed up. if you can’t throw a party, don’t, I guess? we enjoyed it! the next day was the last, and we woke up late and scouted around the neighborhood for a good place for the CELEBRATION ROOM #4……….


big ass pants
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