July 15, 2010

our CELEBRATION ROOM #5 was installed in a park in the middle of athens’ exarchia district, home to students, artists, and radicals. the whole neighborhood went up in smoke during the december 2008 riots, prompting a massive national and international response to the police shooting of a 15-year-old kid. two years ago the community organized amongst themselves to convert a parking lot into a public park, ripping up the cement, planting trees, and taking turns standing watch so the police wouldn’t interfere.

now the park is local hotspot, benches packed with chattering groups, community meetings and movies projected on a back wall. we decided to install the room in the playground, the colorful plastic strands already hanging and adding to our (somewhat meager) paper decorations. everyone enjoyed climbing in and out and around the structure, doing what we were there to do– occupy and celebrate public space! we couldn’t have asked for a better park space or history! thanks!!!


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