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August 17, 2010

i’ve been wanting a change of scenery for a while now and after much deliberation between berlin, new york, chicago, and mexico city, i’ve decided to move to OAKLAND! tracy and i moved a truckload of stuff over yesterday and nico helped me with the rest today. strange to be leaving my home here in san francisco, but there are many big things ahead! the new place is an incredible, huge warehouse space in west oakland with a lovely, artistic couple, jessalyn and paul. i’ll share some photos when it’s no longer an explosion of junk and boxes.

i will certainly miss my house and backyard; the mission; humphrey slocumbe; valencia community thrift; my bikeride to work; late-night burritos and rides home from the knockout; lucca for fresh raviolis and mozzarella balls; udupi palace and serrano’s pizza; my corner store; and walks up to bernal. here’s a look at my room before (well, half-way through) i took it all apart. i’ve lived in this house for two years now and put my heart and soul into it. it was good to me, but luckily i have great friends here that will hopefully let me crash on the couch once in a while. although there’s a lot to miss, i’m really excited to be able to have the space and time to work on projects that i would have never been able do here. plus san francisco is just a quick bart ride away.

cheers to white walls and new beginnings!!


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  1. Tasja on August 17, 2010 at 8:46 am

    you are moving! i am so excited to see your new place! i hope you will really like it and it will be a place of much productivity…if you open up an (online) shop it'll be great, i am so sure about it! big kiss, big hug, miss you, Tasja

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