October 19, 2010

i’m taking spanish online (buenas dias!) and one of our assignments was to listen to “mami mi gusto” by the infamous blind afro-cuban bandleader, arsenio rodriguez. known as “el ciego maravilloso” or “the marvellous blind one,” rodriguez rose to fame in havana and new york in the 40s and 50s with his rearrangements of the classic afro-cuban sound. by adding more trumpets, a piano and the taboo conga drum to the classic cuban 7-man septeto, he created a more complex, foot-tapping sound that developed into the mambo and later into the salsa. what great music to dance to! ¡a bailar!

listen to more arsenio rodriguez here.


sensory freaking overload
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rand brand
the great necklace exchange!!!

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