april & rebecca go to japan…town!

October 12, 2010

a few weeks ago april and i went to the premiere of victor’s life of leopold in san francisco’s japantown. we decided to make a date of it, shopping for cleverly-designed items at the best japanese dollar store, ichi-ban kan; taking tourist photos in front of the pagoda; cruising the mall; raiding the grocery store for pocky and mochi and other treats. we dined on soba and tempura with nico and pilar and then met the rest of the moviegoers at the theater enjoying champagne before the showing. victor was glowing, the proud director of a satisfyingly witty and endearing short film about the feline star of internet phenomenon, LOLcats. after dancing and schmoozing post-film, we even tried the bidet in the women’s bathroom, which worked with vague success, despite splattering all over our clothes and the toilet. why fly 11 hours to tokyo when you have self-warming toilet seats right here?? arrigato!


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