October 10, 2010

nick demarco is one chill dude. our summer visits to new york coincided and nick, nico and i spent some good quality time exploring the city, with the jokes as plentiful as the ice cream cones and the humidity. back in sf, a recent college grad, he’s contemplating the meaning of life, whether or not to move to new york, and perfecting the art of success without really trying.

with work spanning furniture, media arts, and sculpture, uniting themes include: humor, chillness, and a big fuck-you-middle-finger to the man. all executed with a big goofy smile and killer shades, of course. “united state,” the banner of his cool/clever kingdom, nods with nonchalance to counter and pop-culture, while his “zen desk” and “coat hanger table” translate those attitudes into twists on everyday objects.

united state

victor papanek’s infamous design for the real world, on sustainable, functional design that outlasts fashion, led nick to study industrial design at the california college of the arts. the counter-culture influence came from his family’s involvement in the local arts scene in seattle; nick’s mom co-founded the fremont solstice parade, an annual parade supporting the arts that doesn’t allow motorized vehicles or printed text. nick is now turning more towards the domestic arts, “art that can exist everywhere all the time, and the ways that it can be used to subversively hide everything from politics to jokes in everyday life.” watch out dudes, your chilled-out living room might soon be in need of a “demarco.”

find nick in cyberspace on his website, flickr, tumblr, fffound, or just google him.

zen desk

Name: Nicholas Van DeMarco

Age: 24

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Where are you right now? The historic Mission District of San Francisco, CA.

What do you do?
I make contemporary art, in whatever medium suits the idea. I often work in sculpture, furniture, and video.

coat hanger table

Where are you going? If I can find a job I want to move to New York. I’m also thinking about Los Angeles, or maybe just some small town in the country. I also might stay in San Francisco indefinitely. It’s a very vague time for me. Anybody hiring?

What will you be doing when you get there? Trying to get as famous as possible without doing any work.

Do you have any expectations? I just wanna be able to make my own stuff all day, and live in a city where I can get a good cup of coffee while gawking at weirdos.

grinding on the greeks w/nicolas colon

What are you looking forward to? Success. I want people to see something cool and think “is that a Nick DeMarco?” I also want to be like this guy.

What happens if it doesn’t work out? Excuse me?

What is the worst thing that could happen? Going offline.

there’s something i’d like to say

What is the best thing that could happen? I want to live in a house with a yard on the roof of a skyscraper.

Did you ever think you’d be where you are now? I think I pictured myself having a goatee when I was a kid.

What are you leaving behind? I’ve made some really great friends in the bay area, but I’ll see them online.

What will you miss? El Farolito.

ARE YOU READY? Let’s do this.


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  1. The Corey on October 10, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    I think he’ll make it. I just hope he dosen’t forget us.

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  3. Gurldoggie on October 11, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    No fair – I was gonna be Nick DeMarco for Halloween. And now everyone’ll take my idea!

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