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October 29, 2010

so usually i’m really psyched about halloween and we have a party and make spooky treats and wear awesome homemade costumes that we stay up all night frustratedly constructing on the sewing machine. but this year i’ve been so busy with everything else that halloween totally snuck up without even a brainstorm of costume ideas! so i decided to get inspiration from some old home halloween videos on youtube. i’m loving the roller-skating dice!!!

the final costume contenders are:
- a cactus
- a kite
- a deadhead (jerry garcia, not a zombie head!)
- some kind of vegetable (carrot? beet? peapod?)

……thinking im going to go with cactus. what are you going to be for halloween!?


day of birth
i like to move it move it
pop up/workshop success!!!
World Party Day Button Tutoria...

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