happy indigenous people’s day!

October 11, 2010

since 1992 berkeley has renamed columbus day “indigenous people’s day” in support of the world’s indigenous peoples that have suffered greatly under the europeans’ conquest of the new world. such incredible arts & crafts have come from these cultures, from the native americans, the aboriginal cultures of australia and new zealand, the berbers in morocco, and throughout the rest of the world. in honor of all of those cultures, today seemed like the perfect day to share images from the chichicastenango market in guatemala. the most colorful market in the world, “chi-chi” is held on thursdays and sundays with vendors offering fruits, veggies, pottery, textiles and other traditional k’iche’ maya crafts. can you spot the ladies in their traditional huipil? how beautiful are the colors?! now that’s something we all can agree on. here’s to cultural preservation, understanding, and unity!

the following are from rabinal’s flickr with images of chi-chi from 1956!

all images via google


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