hot & heavy

November 19, 2010

steamy sex scenes, bashing out brains, firey flames, cigarette smoking, wizard of oz references, lipstick-ed faces, 90s lace and red suede pumps, a snakeskin jacket, gwar, new orleans, boobs, tons of car crashes, murder, jealousy, hitmen….we obviously watched david lynch’s wild at heart. i really haven’t seen many of his movies (lost highway freaked me out as a teenager and i never came back!) so this was definitely a wild ride into his land of bizarre-o characters. nicolas cage, fresh out of jail, and his peanut, laura dern, are a sexy duo on the lam from her wacko drunk mommy and her army of weirdos. watch the trailer and you’ll totally be hooked.

thanks for the images, brandon & joey!


mysteries of the dodecahedron
ich liebe l'aviva
20 years of fantasy!
they're here!

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