November 13, 2010

it’s all over!!! after a long day of cleaning up and taking everything down, we just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone celebrated the grand opening of BIG THINGS with us last night!!! we worked so hard in the past few weeks organizing the space, decorating, setting up the shop, painting walls, and getting ready for our special night.

a BIG THANKS to nico for running the whole show; courtney for making such rad BIG graphics; my assistant caitlin for flying in from portland & running the bar; lisa for the incredible decorations; heidi and thomas for painting such incredible walls; ben & april for getting us grooving with tunes; kitsch gallery for letting us do whatever the hell we wanted; and all of the artists!! and a huge round of applause for the kids of rock project, who blew us all away with their renditions of our classic rock favorites!

stay tuned for more photos and the winner of the raffle!!! and don’t miss the photos from the


happy anniversary nico
just married
window shopping
marco polo

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One Response to BIG SUCCESS!!!

  1. Tasja on November 14, 2010 at 2:14 am

    wow! i whish i could have been there!

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