holiday favorites from the BIG THINGS SHOP!

November 24, 2010

we thought we’d take a moment away from our busy thanksgiving cookie baking schedule to bring you a few favorites from the BIG THINGS SHOP. forget about the black friday silliness and shop handmade & local w/BT! our master gift wrappers would be honored to wrap your gift (no charge!) and bonus: Bay Area folks can save on shipping by contacting us to arrange a pick-up. now, without further ado and in no particular order, our favorites for holiday 2010…

1) handcranked wool socks! warm up someone’s toes this winter with these these wool socks made here in san francisco by michael & his antique sock crank. they’re available in these awesome colors and more by special order. visit the antique sock crank museum online to see photos of this amazing machine!

2) nutfangs! in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, these little guys are the best good luck charm/companion/paper weight you could ever ask for! a special friend for a special friend. this particular species is named after french artist and stripe-lover, daniel buren. cp makes these with love in portland.

3) greeting cards by gold teeth brooklyn! wish peace on earth for the holidays with these handprinted cards made in brooklyn by jesse & emily.

4) colorful spinning tops from greece! found these during this summer’s trip to the greek islands; they’re the colorful, fun, year-round version of the chanukkah dreidel.

5) geometric tea towels by milkaloom! let the cook/baker in your life know how much you appreciate their work in the kitchen with these towels made in melbourne. maybe they’ll make you an extra pumpkin pie…..

happy shopping!


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