November 3, 2010

san francisco went freaking NUTS last night after the giants won their first world series since 1954!!! i rode my bike home down market street, dodging screaming mobs of fans with “tuck fexas” signs, rally towels, “let timmy smoke” t-shirts, and homemade “world champions” posters. it was impossible not to smile with so many thrilled people partying in the streets.

back in the mission, streets were completely clogged with orange-and-black-clad kids, families, frisco natives and anyone else riding the wave of giants mania. i ran into maggie, jose & will on valencia while trying to navigate through the crowds, getting high-fived by revelers as i rolled by. mission street was impossible- traffic stopped for blocks, broken and breaking glass and people climbing on whatever they could- trash cans, street lamps, buses, vans. i finally made it to 24th street, where nico and the rest of the born-and-raised-in-the-mission sprayed champagne and rocked mini-vans while lowriders and motorcycles cruised the strip, fireworks and bottlerockets and music blasted from open windows and bodies dangled from open car doors and sunroofs. nick, nico, and ryan even managed to take over a taco truck…..

i’ve never seen anything like what happened last night! maybe it’s because it’s been so long since a huge win like this. maybe it was the epic win over george w.’s team. maybe it’s that san francisco doesn’t even really like sports! whatever the excuse, it was awesome.

congratulations are due to the ragtag team of heros: timmy lincecum, brian “fear the beard” wilson, UUUribe, cody ross, homerun renteria, aubrey huff, and the rest of the incredible giants that made us so proudthese past few weeks!!! can’t wait for tomorrow’s ticker tape parade…..


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