dirt chronicles: part 2

December 29, 2010

we can’t really talk about dirt and art without mentioning the land artists of the 60s and 70s. walter de maria is often put into this category, utilizing the great expanses of land in the west for his infamous work, the lightning field (which we visited this summer, i’ll write more about that soon). but his 1977 work, earth room, originally installed in munich, has been open to the public on the second floor of a building in soho since 1980. walk up the stairs into a quiet, humid room with a view of the entire space filled about waist high luscious, damp, musky, perfectly raked dirt. to think that all that dirt’s just sitting up there while so much goes on in the street below!


todah rabah!
rand brand
happy indigenous people's day!
WPD Breakfast Party w/Size Too...

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