glow in the dark bubbles!

December 19, 2010

nico’s GLOW IN THE DARK show was a bubbly success! plenty of visitors & friends came out to explore the soon-to-be-garden decorated with light and sound sculptures. those who could see helped those who couldn’t navigate the gravelly slope into the lot to see the tv-sets glowing with yule-log videos; a glowing tent; and a sprinkling of colorful lights in the grass. sandwiched between two buildings, the view of red & green-lit city hall was a convenient addition to the ambiance! nico installed two bubble machines in the lot, which spewed bubbles through and over the crowd, to everyone’s delight! we sipped cider, listened to fred play the accordian, and enjoyed the lights & bubbles in the cold (it’s the closest we’ll get to snow!). even passersby had to stop and admire the scene, which turned out to be really quite festive. cheers to the cca & the lighthouse for the blind, we’re very excited to see what will be done with the space & the new please touch garden…


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