snow day!

December 28, 2010

holy crap it snowed a lot on the east coast this weekend! being out here in california makes me miss the snow so much! when it’s blizzarding and powdery everywhere else all we get is rain rain rain. not that i’m complaining…i don’t know if i could handle 20″ of the white stuff right now. but luckily we have these 3D microscopic images of snowflakes so we can be nostalgic and remember all those snowball fights without actually having to dredge through slush for the next 3 months while it ices over, freezes our car doors shut, delays all transportation everywhere……you get the picture. from the electron & confocal microscopy laboratory in beltsville, maryland, enjoy these images taken by a low-temperature scanning electron microcope! had no idea snowflakes formed in crystals that weren’t the classic dendritic stars! way better than any old light microscope! and good luck in the snow.

and for these stereo images, cross your eyes, relax your vision until there are three images, then focus on the center image, trip out! just like those magic eye books!!

don’t miss these cute little diagrams of the snowflake classification system here!

images via the Electron and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture and


walead is the beshty
ra ra sis boom bah!
portland, here we come!

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