wish list! part 1

December 17, 2010

this is not my tree and not my holiday (chanukkah’s already over!), but just in case there are some stragglers out there looking for a gift for yours truly, here’s part 1 of what i’ve got my eye on this xmas/new year’s season (don’t forget the festive wrapping!!):

the vera book!!! i’ve been collecting her textiles since high school, finally there’s a book that i can read as obsessively as i dig through the scarf bin at the thrift store! (thanks for the photo, lena!)

OMG momofuku sells their cookies online!!! my favorite stop in ny! gimme the compost, chocolate-chocolate & cornflake, please!

weird animal embroidery and paper & wooden birds from retrobroad’s etsy

giant blue pom pom hat from the BIG THINGS SHOP! :) come on, i can’t buy it for myself!!!

this cool loach necklace at anica in sf

AWESOME gore tex pants so i can ride my bike in the rain and not have to bring a change of clothes!!!


big in japan
party time
train to fame

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